Name Art Collage {& Great Way to Recycle Magazines!}


Save those left-over magazines that you only had time to skim through!  Who has time to read with several littles under-tow anyhow?!

I try.  But I've definitely become a magazine "skimmer."

However, I pulled out my stash the other day and had my 5 and 3 year old make a simple and fun Name Collage using magazine letter clippings.

name recognition preschool

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Love simple activities that work on Kindergarten readiness skills such as name recognition, gluing, and scissor skills.


Preschool Name Recognition Activity

I laid all the materials on our school room table and provided Little Sis and Little Brother each with a sheet of construction paper with their name on it.

preschool name recognition craft

We looked through the magazines searching for the letters in their names.  Once they found a letter, I had them cut it out and glue it onto the construction paper.

preschool name recognition craft

This was a great activity to get my 3 year old using scissors and I loved how each Name Collage looked different.  They each had a mix of large, small, skinny, and colorful letters.

preschool name recognition craft

I did help my 3 year old quite a bit, but here is his final product!

name recognition activity

Definitely a great project to do with your preschool/ kindergarten aged kiddos; it's simple, fun, and works on so many early learning skills!

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