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Winter Writing Tray & Printable Alphabet Cards

Try this fun snowy day inspired writing tray with your little ones today!

Many times when I am out and about and see something that I could use for our homeschool learning crafts and/or activities, I typically end up buying it because when I don't is when I am soon filled with regret that I wished I had bought it...  know what I mean?!  

It's like that cool find at an antique store or a place like, HomeGoods.  When you see something that catches your eye, buy it.... because it may not be there when you go back, IF you make it back.  And with four kiddos, making daily trips to the store is just not something I want to do. 

Snowy Day Pre-Writing Alphabet Activity

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So with that backstory in your mind, I picked up this snow-like "fluff'' at a craft store back at the end of September, and stored it high up in our school room closet.  I almost forgot about it if it had not been for the Virtual Book Club's Winter theme inspired by the book, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

Snow Pre-Writing Activity

It is a book I had read to my oldest several times, but Little Sis and Little Brother had yet to hear it.

After reading The Snowy Day, I made a simple snow day inspired writing tray with the snow-like fluff I picked up months ago.

snowy day prewriting activity for kids

With cute snowflake clipart from Chirp Graphics, I created alphabet cards so that Little Brother could practice recognizing and writing the letters of the alphabet.

On each card is an uppercase and lowercase letter.

writing letters in the snow

I poured the snow like fluff in a deep tray {kept from a Melissa & Doug toy} and laminated and printed the alphabet cards.  I cut them all out and presented them along with the snow filled tray.

Little Brother went right to work practicing making the uppercase letters in the "snow."

Another way to use these printable alphabet cards is to present them to your child with a dry erase marker.  The font used leaves room that your child may trace the inside of each letter for more practice!

You could also use these printable alphabet cards to practice alphabetical order, a hide-n-seek game, etc. etc!

If you find another way to use these cards, please share!  I'd love to hear your creative ideas, too!

Enjoy some snowy day alphabet fun!

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