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Paper Bag Heart Lacing Activity for Kids

Hubby usually does the grocery shopping around here-- I think it is because I spend too much money, but that is a story for another day. On his last trip, I requested he ask for some paper bags at the check out line.  

....I had a craft to do!

With the paper bags, my kids and I crafted these oh so pretty Stuffed Hearts--  a perfect Valentines craft that worked on fine motor skills, too!

fine motor skills heart lacing craft

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You can do all kinds of things with paper bags.  You can make Native American Vests.
Learn the parts of an apple.
Or, set up a number line!

Valentines Craft for Kids


How to Make a Stuffed Heart

Begin by cutting a heart from the paper bag.  I left the bottom of the bag folded up while cutting out a heart shape and cut off the extra paper bag that was attached at the bottom.

If your paper bag has writing on the outside of the bag, you may want to flip one side over.  Make sure both hearts are the same size.

Use a hole punch to punch holes around the paper bag heart.

Next, have your kiddos make designs on their paper bag heart with Kwik Sticks.
We often welcome mess, but sometimes it's nice to have something that dries quickly--  such as in the case of this project.  We LOVE these paint sticks!!  The colors show up great, too.

paper bag heart craft for kids

Once your child has colored his heart, provide a long piece of ribbon for him/her to lace through the holes.

Thread the ribbon into one hole and then take the other end of the ribbon to begin lacing it up and down through the holes.

When you have gone almost all the way around, stuff the heart with two or three plastic grocery bags.  Continue lacing and tie both ends.

valentine's day crafy for kids

Weaving the ribbon in and out of the holes is great for fine motor skills, but they also turned out to be such a sweet Valentine's craft for the kids!

fine motor skills Valentines craft