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Tulips Letter Matching Worksheet

Practice uppercase and lowercase letters with your preschooler with this adorable spring matching printable!

Your preschooler will match the letters of the alphabet while creating a colorful garden of tulips.

alphabet matching flower printable

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This "spring-y" printable is a fun, hands-on way to help your preschooler recognize lowercase and uppercase letters.

Flower Letter Matching Worksheet


After the printables have been printed, do a few quick things to prep them for your preschooler to use.

Tape the back of the black and white alphabet tulip printable so that it is one long sheet.

Laminate and cut out the lowercase tulip matching cards for durability.

Preschool Alphabet Flower Printable

Provide your preschooler with blue, red, purple, yellow, and pink crayons {green, too if your preschooler would like to color in the stems}.

How to Play:

Put the colored tulip cards in a pile and have your child grab one and identify the letter.

Then have your child find the matching uppercase letter on the black and white sheet and color the tulip the coordinating color.

Preschool Match and Color Alphabet Flowers

For instance, your child will color the uppercase letter A blue, the uppercase letter D, pink.... and so on.

Continue matching and coloring the tulips until your child creates a colorful alphabet tulip garden!

Match and Color Flowers Alphabet Printable

If your child chooses, provide a green crayon so that he/she can color the stems and leaves.

As your child is working on matching the uppercase and lowercase alphabet tulips, it is the perfect time to also reinforce letter sounds, too.

Once the alphabet tulip garden has been colored in, you can use the alphabet tulip cards a few more ways to keep on learning:

  • line the alphabet tulips in alphabetical order
  • play a game of "What letter is Missing?"
  • use the cards to spell words
  • encourage your child to find an object that begins with that letter
  • print two colored alphabet tulip matching cards to play a game of memory

>>B/W Alphabet Tulip Match & Color Sheet<<

>>Colored Alphabet Tulips Matching Cards<<

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If you have another way to use this printable alphabet activity, please share!

Enjoy learning the letters of the alphabet with this match and color printable!

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