Easy Tissue Paper Watermelon Craft


Summer has me thinking of s'mores, lots of outdoor play, fireworks, and juicy watermelon!  This watermelon craft might have you longing for a piece of the juicy summer fruit, too!  Until then, this craft will have to suffice.

watermelon tissue craft for kids

Once finished add it to a small frame and use as part of your summertime decorations, use it as a card and send it to someone special, or just use this craft as a great way to sneak in fine motor skills!
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Watermelon Craft for Kids


I set this easy watermelon craft up when Big Sis had a friend over.  It was the perfect play-date craft- no mess and simple!  And it's easy enough for preschoolers to do, but fun enough for the older ones, too.

Begin the craft by drawing an outline of a watermelon in pencil; I drew a semi-circle with little dip at the top to make it look like a bite was taken from the watermelon.  We chose to use black construction paper as the background to make the green and red tissue paper- "POP!"  However, any color will do!

Next encourage the kids to scrunch the tissue paper into 'ball-like' shapes and glue them onto the paper.

tissue paper watermelon kid craft

The girls chose to use green tissue paper for the rind and red tissue paper for the watermelon; there are a few black tissue paper seeds, too.  

I love the scrunched tissue paper effect-- it gives the craft a little dimension.  And is also great for fine motor skills!!  However, Big Sister's friend decided to glue the tissue paper squares as is onto the watermelon template.

Both turned out super cute!

While making the craft, read these fun watermelon themed books!

Have fun crafting!

tissue paper watermelon craft for kids

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