Five Little Pumpkins Cut and Paste Printable


My preschoolers love using scissors! Do you find the same to be true?  If so, give your preschoolers a chance to use scissors with this fun Five Little Pumpkins Cutting Practice printable. 

Five Little Pumpkins Cutting Practice Printable

Fall isn't complete without at least one pumpkin themed craft and/or learning activity!  And quite honestly, just one would be a shame!  You can easily fill up your October with fun pumpkin activities for fun & learning!  

For starters, work on fine motor skills with this cutting practice printable inspired by the poem, Five Little Pumpkins!

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Enjoy the playful rhyming text of Five Little Pumpkins with this cutting practice printable. Bring out the scissors and glue and invite your kiddo to cut out each of the five pumpkins and paste them along the fence.

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It may be a bit scary to task your child to use scissors, but it's an important skill for children to master! 

My 2 year old loves snipping away at random pieces of paper while the older kiddos are working on their schoolwork.  Within reason, give your child plenty of opportunities to use learn how to use scissors properly!  And make sure you frequently tell your children that scissors are only for cutting paper.... not hair! Ha!

Although, that rule may escape them on occasion!  But that's a story for another day....

Five Little Pumpkins Cut and Paste


Cutting Practice Printable for Kids

Grab a copy of Five Little Pumpkins from your library; it's a fun story to read- aloud and the kiddos will love the illustrations!

After the story, encourage your child to cut out each silly pumpkin at the bottom of the cut and paste printable and glue it onto the gate.

Prior to gluing the pumpkins on the gate, you could have your child arrange the pumpkins on the gate and say the rhyme together, taking off a pumpkin as you tell the story.

Cutting Practice

Your child is welcome to cut along the black dotted lines, or cut more of the white paper surrounding the pumpkin off.  Glue the pumpkins on top of the gate posts, or on top of the gate-- literally... as my 4 year old did!

Enjoy this cutting practice printable as you learn and play with other pumpkin themed activities!

>> Grab your copy of this cut and paste Five Little Pumpkins Poem! <<

Does your preschooler or Kindergarten child need more cutting practice?  Check out our Back to School Cut and Paste Math Worksheets!  Great for working on patterning. 
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