Pumpkin Matching Sensory Bin {Free Printable}


This pumpkin matching printable is a perfect fall or Halloween activity for your toddler or preschooler!  Work on visual discrimination skills with with this festive Fall printable!

Here's a festive matching printable for your toddler and/or preschooler.  Add in some tweezers to work on fine motor skills or scissors to scoop up glass pumpkins...

This Pumpkin Matching Sensory Bin is sure to be a hit!

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pumpkin match printable activity

I loved picking out tall and skinny pumpkins to carve when I was younger.  My youngest kiddos haven't gravitated towards a certain kind of pumpkin yet, but on a trip with our co-op last year, my son roamed the fields for quite a while and chose one of the biggest pumpkins in the pumpkin patch! It was quite tall, but not so skinny!!  Thankful there were lots of extra hands to help haul that one back to the car!  

For a festive fall activity for toddlers and preschoolers, I made this pumpkin matching printable.  Add in a "pumpkin patch" to create a unique and inviting sensory bin and throw in some tweezers or scoop scissors for extra fine motor work.

Pumpkin Matching

This pumpkin matching printable reminds me of the classic I SPY games, but for the little ones.  Check out our Fall I SPY & Graph printable for your kiddos who are ready to count up to 10.

In this pumpkin matching printable there are 20 pumpkins of differing sizes, colors, and shapes.

Have your child pick up a pumpkin card from the pumpkin patch and match it to the printable.

pumpkin matching printable


Pumpkin Match Set-Up

Gather a small bin {small plastic shoe boxes work best because you can simply put the top on and save the activity on the shelf for another day!}, shredded paper, and small pumpkin manipulatives.

Print out the the pumpkin matching printable.  Laminate both pages for durability.  Cut out the set of pumpkins on the first page and place the pumpkins in the shoebox.  You've now created a cute little "pumpkin patch."

Encourage your child to pick up a pumpkin from the "pumpkin patch" and find the matching pumpkin on the printable.

Add in some kid-safe tweezers to encourage fine motor skills or just have your child use their fingers to pick up the pumpkins.

My kiddos also liked using a pair of handy scoopers to pick up the glass pumpkin manipulatives that were in the pumpkin patch, too!!

pumpkin matching sensory bin

Will you be enjoying some pumpkin fun with your little ones?  Enjoy this free printable activity!

>> Click to download this Pumpkin Matching Printable Activity << 

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