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OH Snap! Sight Word Reading Game

Teaching your little one to read can be a very exciting time, but also if I am being real..... painfully excruciating.  Is that a little too honest?!

Sometimes it is finding the balance between working on words he/she may already know, but drilling for repetition so your little one will soon be able to "sight read" and introducing new sounds to make new words.... all while being cautious to not overwhelm your new little reader with too many words that they begin to mix up sounds.

To keep it "light" and playful in the midst of constantly adding words Big Sis can read and working on repetition so she knows them by sight, we set up this fun OH Snap! Reading Game!

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Using Logic of English has put a different spin on the term "sight word" as some may know it.  Through Logic of English I have learned that many "sight words" can be taught through phonics and/or knowing spelling rules first, instead of simply having the child memorize the word without taking apart the individual sounds or "teams."

I think learning to read and spell by understanding phonics rules will help my beginning reader truly form a good foundation for reading.  Now once she understands those rules, ironically, those words do become "sight words" as she no longer will have to sound them out, but will intuitively know them!

Sight Word Reading Game

To make your own sight word reading game, you'll need:
  • popsicle sticks
  • sharpie
  • small container

I don't remember where I came across the "Oh Snap!" popsicle stick games or what the theme was, but I did take the idea and create an Oh Snap! USA State Study Game for Big Brother not too long ago.  He thrives on games and it was a fun way to work on memorizing the location of the 50 states in a fast paced game setting.

With this OH Snap! Reading Game we once again stocked up on popsicle sticks to work on sight words.

On a set of popsicle sticks, write a word on the bottom of each stick.   Choose words that may be on your child's reading list, high-frequency words your child comes across in books, simple CVC words, etc!

On at least two sticks, write the words "OH Snap!".  Note to self, you do not want to pick one of these popsicle sticks!! 

Place the popsicle sticks "word-down" into the small container.

When Big Sis and I play, we set a timer for 10 minutes.  However, you may choose to simply play "first to five popsicle sticks,wins" or whatever number you decide.

The first player picks a popsicle stick and reads the word.  If read correctly, the player gets to keep the popsicle stick.  If incorrect, place the stick back into the container.  Now because it was essentially a race between Big Sis and I, I would let her continue to try to read the word correctly.

Then, the other player picks up a stick and reads the word.

Continue playing..... 

Now!!  If a player picks up a "OH Snap!" popsicle stick, the player must then put all the popsicle sticks back into the container!!


Thus, continue playing until the timer runs out or you reach X number of sticks....  whatever you choose!

For some fun variations, you can add these popsicle sticks to your container:
  • Pick 2 (pick two popsicle sticks to read and keep)
  • Take a Stick (from your opponent)
  • Read and Keep (set timer for 10 seconds and player gets to keep that many additional popsicle sticks)
  • etc!  
The goal is to make this a fun way to practice reading words so that your beginning reader will know them automatically-- without thinking and sounding out the letters.

Enjoy this fun game!!  We aim to play it at least once a week!

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