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We are several weeks into our 2017-2018 homeschool year, and so far.... so good!  A new school year brings plenty of all things new, along with scheduling!

Something that has been working for us is this colorful Homeschool Planner Weekly Checklist and thought it may help you, too!

This year our kiddos are 10 {5th Grade},  6 {1st Grade}, 4 {PreK}, 2 years old.  We have a mix of independent work and "mommy and me" learning sessions.  We have switched up curriculum again in most subjects, except math for both kiddos.

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homeschool planning sheet free
I love curriculum shopping, but many times I fall short in planning, thus I created Weekly Homeschool Planning Sheets to use with my 10 and 6 year old.  

Homeschool Planning Worksheet

In the past I have just jotted down our plans and/or scribbled in what actually happened in a notebook, however we pretty much did the same thing every day, so writing everything down became quite tedious.  

To help make the process quicker, along came this weekly checklist.  

I have a spot to write in the week and corresponding month and days.

Along the top row are the days of the week, and along the sides are seven empty spaces to write in each subject.

At the very bottom is some space to write in a few notes such as extra books to read and/or things to do that don't have to been done on a certain day.

weekly homeschool planning printable free

It's been working well for us thus far!

There are four checklist, each with a different border but otherwise the same layout.  To save time, the best thing to do is print out each checklist and write in your subjects and then make several copies so you don't have to write in the subjects each week.

Each week I fill out a new checklist for both kiddos, hole punch the top of the sheet and add it to a report folder with a clear top.  This way what to do is only a glance away!

And if you are a bit curious, here's our curriculum choices for my 10 and 6 year old this year!!  {I love seeing what other homeschoolers choose!!}

Curriculum Choices for 10 year old {5th Grade}

  • Writing with Power {book 4}
  • Christian Light Math 500
  • Soaring with Spelling 5
  • Answers in Genesis Animals {we also have other titles for throughout the year}
  • Christian Light Reading 400/ 500
  • Mystery of History Vol. 2
  • Bob Jones Writing & Grammar 5
Curriclulum Choices for 6 year old {1st Grade}
  • Christian Light Math 100
  • Road Trip USA
  • Draw Write Now series
  • Answers in Genesis Animals
  • Logic of English B {and eventually C}
  • Beginning Readers {a mix of BOB books, All About Spelling Readers, & Logic of English Readers}

Start your homeschool planning today with our colorful set of of planning sheets!!  

>> Click to download your Weekly Planning Pages <<

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