Spin Art Snowflake Craft (Colorful Winter Fun Activity)


The winter months can feel and look a little bit dreary, so why not add some color with a fun snowflake craft?!  Break out your Spin Art Machine and create colorful tie-dye painted snowflakes.  This is a guaranteed winter fun activity for all ages! 

snowflake craft

Making snowflakes during the winter season never gets old!  There are so many fun paper snowflake templates to use online, and many different ways to create them using different materials from paint, to tissue paper, to cotton balls!  Today though, we have a new way to create to make your snowflake crafts this winter.... for some colorful winter fun, unbox the spin art machine!!

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My kiddos received a spin art machine last Christmas, but unfortunately it has been tucked in our cupboard for almost a year because we didn't have the right size batteries (it's always the batteries, it?!) .....  until, we finally did and the kiddos remembered we still had yet to use it!

This toy sure dates me, as it brought back many fond and messy memories as I showed my 10 year old how it worked.  Naturally, he thought this toy was the coolest thing, so we made not one but several spin art creations.  

Over the course of the next few days, my three kids made quite a pile of spin art.

Instead of having them just lie on our kitchen counter until I accidentally threw them away (please tell me I am not the only one that does that!!), I encouraged my oldest to make something with them.  
My suggestion was... 


Spin art snowflakes for the win!!

And they turned out pretty cool! 

Snowflake Craft

snowflake craft

You won't be able to just make one spin art piece, so with a collection of your spin art designs, you could make a colorful and unique string of snowflake garland!

Or, hang the snowflakes up individually around the house.

Snowflake Craft Supplies:

How to Make This Colorful Snowflake Craft

Paper and paint were included with our spin art machine, but you may find you'll need to have a supply of paper handy to keep creating more spin art creations.  

I love how no two spin art creations turned out the same-- just like snowflakes!

winter fun snowflake craft

Use the spin art machine as directed.

Allow the spin art creations to dry.

Once dried, there are all kinds of snowflake tutorials out there; find an easy one to follow and start creating your own spin art snowflakes.

More Snowflake Craft Ideas:

This is the perfect way to keep the kiddos occupied during Christmas break!  Enjoy!


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