Play Ideas for Babies

Enjoy our collection of playful activities to set up and take part in with your baby.  As with any activity, please watch your baby closely.

These activities were set up for my littles around the time they began to sit and/or crawl, which was about 6-7 months.  I think they would be engaging for littles to about 18 months.  But obviously, YOU know your baby best : )

simple baby play ideas

Engage your baby's senses and encourage exploration with these simple baby play activities.

Just click on the picture below to find out more about the activity:

I know life gets busy-- fussy toddlers, nursing non-stop {or so it seems}, errands, etc. etc., but I hope you find moments in your day to set up one of these super simple activities for your baby {and you} to enjoy!

Before you know it, your baby will be a TODDLER! 


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