100+ Fun Fine Motor Ideas for Kids

What started as a simple blog hop led to published books and over 100 fine motor skills ideas for children aged 2-8!

Fine motor skills are related to those all important muscles in the fingers wrist, and hand.  Fine motor skills are used in simple tasks as picking up food, buttoning a shirt, cutting with sci, writing with a pencil, and more!
fine motor skills for kids
This is an ever growing collection of 100+ playful ways to work on fine motor skills with your toddler, preschool and/or kindergarten aged child.  Visit our page for toddlers and ABC's and 123's for more fine motor ideas.

So have fun pinching, cutting, wrapping, threading, and more!!

Just WOW! A month long blog hop turned into so much more!  And there are some ideas that are mixed in with our Tot Ideas and ABC's/ 123 Page, so check there for more!  So many fun ways to work on fine motor skills-- from everyday activities to seasonal fun!

And don't forget to check out our books!