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FIAR: Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

September 15, 2011

I actually enjoyed the book Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel; I don't think I had ever read it before.  We read the book for four days and listened to it via audio once, which was interesting.  We had access to the audio from Homeschool Freebie of the Day. I didn't take too many pictures this time around, so bare with me! 

Social Studies/ Geography:
Mike Mulligan wasn't set in a specific location, but Mike and Maryanne had helped build tunnels for railways, canals for boats to travel through, and basements for tall skyscrapers, so we narrowed in on the idea of a Canal, specifically the Panama Canal ( I got the idea over at The Attached Mama-- check it out!).  We colored the flag of Panama and looked up a lot of pictures of the canal, even pulled it up on Google Earth.  We briefly talked about skyscrapers and construction workers too.

Language Arts:
Explained the concept of Personification and drew pictures on the chalkboard.  I also had T narrate the story for me and this is his overview, "Mike Mulligan and a steam shovel dig many years.  They built a tall building, then they rest."  Narration and sequencing are obviously something we need to work on!

We "Rolled a Skyscraper."  We each took turns rolling a die and adding so many number of blocks til they were all gone.  Hopefully you built a good foundation so it didn't tumble!

 In the book it talks about Maryanne digging "four walls--neat and square" and we took this concept one step further and studied Cubes.  We made a 3D cube with marshmallows and ate a couple too!

To understand what a steam shovel is, we learned about the States of Matter.  We watched ice go from a solid to liquid to a gas and also talked about how liquids take the shape of their containers.  Briefly we talked about the differences between rivers and canals. 
Which one has more water?
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LRottiers said...

Really? Your a professional! I havent the slightest where you get this creativity while I sit here still pondering what to possibly do :) This is WONDERFUL

Michelle said...

So fun! Love the baby in her bumbo on the counter! :D The science experiment is great too, and the skyscraper. =)

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