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Coming off a fun row of The Salamander Room, T decided he'd like to learn about frogs and turtles.  We used the B4FIAR title, "Play with Me" by Marie Hall Ets, as the basis of our row and did a few things from the manual, but here is all the other stuff we covered over two weeks! 

Frog 100's Chart:  Can you see the frog?  
After T completed it, he couldn't figure out what it looked like...
The Continent Hop & Continent Twister:  we learned that frogs are found on every continent except Antarctica, so after becoming breathless from the Continent Hop from Spell Outloud, T played Twister-- "Continent Style"-- he didn't last long!  He had never played before! 

Frog Hop Math:  Using a homemade 100's Chart and the Fill it In Worksheet, we practiced 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, and 1 less.
The green paper plate is our lily pad and each picture shows a different part of the life cycle; we used sticky dots for the body and T labeled the stages and drew parts.

Frog Anticipatory Set:  LOVE making these!
T wanted his frog to be blue!  We also added a party-blower for some froggie tongue action! 
Lily Pad Vowel Hop:  I drew 5 lily pads and wrote a vowel in each one.  I said a simple CVC or CVCC word to T and he had to jump on the correct vowel.
Turtle Pancakes:  Our turtle looks nothing like the original.... still tasted good though!

T loves tracing, so I printed off some more worksheets from Homeschool Creations PreK Pond Pack

Paper Plate Turtle:
Comparing Turtles and Frogs
Froggie ABC order:
The only thing left to do is go to a pond and see if we can spot any turtles or frogs!  We still have to do our Nature Walk from The Story of Ferdinand, too--- do you see a pattern here, "nature" based learning isn't something I'm good at implementing!

More Ideas & Inspiration:
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