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Adorable Recycled Yogurt Cup Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving has come and gone; this year is flying bye!

This idea didn't come to me but a couple days before Thanksgiving, and didn't actually get made until Thanksgiving Day-- thus is why, I am sharing after the holiday.

And I apologize this won't be a picture tutorial as the idea to share these didn't come until after the project was completed.  But as you'll notice in the pictures, the items needed and steps taken are pretty self explanatory.

Aren't these the cutest little turkey day guests??
What you'll need:  

1. Paint the yogurt cups and wooden circles; the wooden circles are probably not necessary, but we had them and put them to use.  
2.  After two coats of paint, glue eyes, nose, and the red thingy onto the turkeys face
3. Hot glue the feathers inside the yogurt cups
4. glue on the turkey faces.  

Wouldn't they make cute snack cups or silverware holders?!  I ended up putting our silverware in them... notice the white napkin sticking out?

If you are not a yogurt fan, you could probably make them using paper tubes.

For more Turkey Fun....

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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