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Make Your Own Magnetic Tangrams

During our "row" of The Rag Coat, by Lauren Mills, the manuals math lesson was on geometric shapes and suggested creating shapes on a Geoboard and/or playing with tangrams. With my stash of paint chips, I created our own magnetic tangram set.
It was an easy project to throw together and would make a great busy bag and/ or road trip activity.

DIY Magnetic Tangrams for Kids

Supplies I used:

I used paint chips for my tangram pieces, but you could easily use laminated construction paper or card stock  that way the pieces hold up longer.

I printed a tangram outline from, cut out the individual pieces, traced onto the card stock, then cut the pieces out of paint chips.  Then attatch magnetic tape to each piece.

Play on a cookie sheet or the fridge!
I found printable Tangram worksheets from ABCTeach.  There are a couple puzzles that are free; I am sure you could do a google search for more, though!

Have fun!
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