3 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

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Valentine's Day foods and crafts are ALL over the web my friends!  Are you feeling the lovey-dovey goodness?!  A couple days ago I shared our Valentines Sensory Bin and today I've got 3 Valentine's Day Crafts that my son (and daughter) had a hand in creating!  

Welcome!; you may have clicked through on Pinterest by a different picture; I've recently updated the cover photo with something I created.  However you may find the pencil heart shape photo here {photo credit}

Valentine's Cookie Cutter Print
Cookie Cutters (from The Dollar Store)
Willing Participants ; )

Easy "Invitation to Create" activity with a Valentine's twist! Just set out paint, paper, and cookie cutters and have fun!

Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland
Pipe Cleaners
This is a bit trickier than it looks and I lost my buddy a few hearts into this activity, but I love the way it turned out!

I <3 You to Pieces Canvas
Cut up pieces of scrapbook paper or magazines
Canvas or construction paper
glue/ modge podge
I penciled a heart shape onto the canvas and then had Big Brother fill it up with the scrap paper.  This was another tag-team project, but he stayed with me pretty much the whole time on this activity!

If you need some more Valentine's Day Ideas, here's some more!
or check out my Valentine's Pinterest Board!!

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