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Tot School Theme of the Week: Letter C

This past week we did some Tot School "experimenting" with little sis.  It all started when big brother and I were rowing "Three Names" about 2 weeks ago; I had this brainy idea to set some things up for her to play with as she is in and out of our school room and when she is in, she is typically trying to grab a hold and/or draw all over what my son is working on.... Then he runs out of the room with is papers over his head so she can't  get them.... Then she follows after him crying... And then.... we are done! Ha.

So with that mental picture in your head and that being our reality many days, I set up some things again with little sis in mind when we began rowing "Mrs. Katz and Tush."  Since Tush is a cat, I set up a Letter C station.
C for colors, carrot, cat, car, clown, and cupcake!!

We found our school rhythm this week as we played and did "Tot School" with little sis in the morning, had lunch, nap for little sis, some quiet time for big brother, and then he did his school stuff.  It worked out pretty well so we may just keep at it.

Tot School Letter C Activities

Little Sis LOVES writing on anything and everything!  And writing all over part of Homeschool Creations CAT PreK Pack was no exception.

Coloring C is for Cat

"Catch the Cat"
I placed several stickers on a piece of construction paper-- several cats and a few randoms.  With a Dot Marker, I asked her to find the kitties. 

Cupcake Color Matching 
( I am embarrassed to say I don't recall where I found these free printables!  I apparently did not pin or bookmark it! Gah!)  She did great matching the colors if she was given a choice between 2 or 3 cupcakes and even has begun to say, "Purple" although it sounds more like /peepul/ : )

Doing a page from her Let's Sticker & Paste Kumon book she received for her birthday

Homeschool Creation's Letter C Do A Dot Printables

I hid a Letter C inside on of these carrots (bought at the Dollar Store) and had her pull up the carrots to find the letter

But she was more interested in playing with the beans..... SO, we dumped them in her new water table that she also got for her birthday!!

The next day we filled it up with shaving Cream and Cars!!

Again playing with a new toy she received for her birthday, Alex Little Hands Button Art-- great for find motor and Color matching!  

Brought out one of her favorite toys, the Melissa and Doug Doorbell House

Playing with magnetic pom poms
C is for Clown, too!!

She placed the pre-cut shapes on to her Clown face!

Colorful Caterpillar Craft inspired by No Time for Flashcards
A lesson on colors and sizing

My intentions with Little Sis are to provide opportunities that promote learning; to spend time with her and do things geared towards her learning level.  And of course to do activities with her so she'll keep out of Big Brother's stuff ; )  Thus, I am not going in alphabetical order-- it is all about exposure and will typically be themed from whatever Big Brother is doing.  

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