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DIY Puzzle in a Box {Fine Motor Friday}

January 17, 2014

fine motor
So thankful to be a part of this Fine Motor Friday series with LalyMom, Stir the WonderP is for Preschooler, Still Playing School, Craftulate, Racheous-Loveable Learning, Little Bins for Little Hands, And Next Comes L, and new to the crew-- House of Burke!  What a fun group of creative mamas!!

I also like that in this series I can share activities that might not be specific to our homeschool activities, such as today's DIY Puzzle in a Box activity-- an activity I put together with my baby boy and toddler in mind.

Puzzles are great for fine motor skills, as little ones work at manipulating the pieces to pick them up and put them in the correct spot.  Our DIY Puzzle in a Box adds unique twist on a regular puzzle as what is holding them in place is a piece of velcro, which requires strength in fingers.  And not only that, but the wooden pieces I used for our puzzle in a box are very thin, so they require  hand-eye coordination to pick up the puzzle and this activity can also reinforce crossing the midline.

To make your own DIY Puzzle in a Box, you'll need an empty box, wooden cut-outs, permanent  marker, and velcro dots.  I decided to pretty up the plain ol' white mailing box I had for this activity with some washi-like tape I picked up at the Dollar Store.  The wooden cut-outs were from Big Brother's old name sign, but you can pick them up for pretty cheap at any craft store.
fine motor
Simply, arrange your wooden cut-outs in the box and trace them with the permanent maker.

Add the velcro dots and play!  The velcro dots add an extra fun element to the puzzle; little hands will get a work out trying the pull them off and put them on properly!
fine motor
fine motor
You can see that Baby Brother has already been in it!
fine motor
The puzzle in a box idea makes it a great quiet time activity and/or travel toy.  Would also make for a great gift for some cute little small person in your life ; )

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I'd love for you to follow along so you never miss out on one of our fun activities we share at School Time Snippets!
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Laura Marschel said...

Cute idea, I need new idea for Ladybug for the car, this is great!

Emma @ P is for Preschooler said...

I love how simple this is! Great for when you need a little quiet time! :)

Devany LeDrew said...

I always want to do something with those wooden pieces at the craft store! What a great idea!

Dyan Robson said...

What an awesome idea! LOVE it!!!

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