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Counting Coins Math Game & Printable

Going on a Coin Hunt is a great, hands-on activity to practice counting coins.   Your child will also partake in a scavenger hunt, which is always a guaranteed fun time and practice writing the amount of change.  
Fun, hands-on activity focusing on counting coins
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 Today's 2nd Grade Blogging Team theme is Money.  At the bottom of the post you'll find all sorts of other great money themed activities, so be sure to check those out!

Cool Math Games for Kids

Our money themed activity focuses on counting coins with a little scavenger hunt thrown in for fun.  Hope you have your Easter eggs handy!

To prep the activity, print out our Coin Hunt recording sheet.  Gather 14 Easter eggs and number them 1-14.  Place coins in each egg equaling a different amount and as you put coins in, write the amounts down for a self-check sheet.  We used real coins, but Melissa and Doug's Play Money Set is a great alternative.
 Hide the eggs around the room.  Have your student find them and as he/she opens each one, have them count ad record the amount in the corresponding egg shape.
For an extra incentive, let your child keep the money for all the correct answers! My son thought that was the greatest idea!  Have fun!

Print your free Coin Hunt Recording Sheet now! 

Here are some other great Money activities for your 2nd graders!

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