Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Pumpkin Puzzles

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I love easy, diy educational activities that I can put together for my kiddos.  This Alphabet Pumpkin Match is something I was working on with my preschooler recently for our Creative Preschool Pumpkin Theme.  It is easy to put together, cheap to make, and worked on uppercase and lowercase letter recognition.
Recently we were at Target and I found these cute pumpkin die-cuts in the dollar section.  I bought two packs and saved a ton on ink and paper ; )

Alphabet Pumpkin Puzzles

I wrote an upper and lowercase letter on each pumpkin and then cut it in half to create a puzzle.

Once it was ready to go, Little Sis and I spent some time together matching our alphabet pumpkin patch!

What are some fun festive ways you work on letter recognition with your preschooler?

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