Piet Mondrian Suncatcher Art for Kids

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With our 2nd Grade blogging friends, we explored a new weekly theme-- Famous Artists.  We were inspired by Piet Mondrian's artwork with black lines and primary colors.  
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Are you familiar with the works of Piet Mondrian?  He was a Dutch Modern Artist born in the Netherlands in 1872.  His artwork began more traditional with paintings of landscapes, but being inspired by more modern art elements through the years he found his own style he called, neo-plasticism {Hey Kids, Meet Piet Mondrian}.  One of his most famous paintings is "Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue" that was made in 1921.

Famous Artists Study

Thus, Mondrian was our inspiration for our Famous Artist theme.  We decided to create our own red, yellow, and blue piece of art on glass.  It turned out to be a beautiful suncatcher.

What you'll need:

Begin by making vertical and horizontal lines with electrical tape.  Change the thickness of the electical tape by cutting it.

Next paint inside the black lines with blue, yellow, and/or red paint.

When the paint dried, we put the glass inside the frame and placed it near our window.  I'd like to add some ribbon to the frame and hang it up with a suction cup, but until then, this'll do!  It is absolutely stunning!

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