Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Preschool Bible Craft

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The Bible story of Joesph and his colorful coat lends itself to be a fun craft to make with your preschooler.

Beautiful and fun craft for preschoolers to make to remember the story of Joseph

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My 2 and 4 year old loved this craft!  It was easy to do and each coat turned out so colorful and beautiful-- just as Joseph's coat was.

What you'll need:

I had my kiddos "paint" the coat with some water-- this helps the tissue paper from being brushed away by movement!  Next have your preschooler add squares of tissue paper all over the coat.  Make a pattern, lay colors on top of one another, or create a random design.  Your child cannot go wrong!   

Finally, "paint" over the tissue paper again if it's not too wet.

Give the craft a few hours to dry.  The tissue paper will most likely fall off, but if not simply peel it off; it should be very easy to do.  

Cut out your coat template and you will see that your child has created a beautiful craft reminding them of the story of Joseph!

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