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Simple Scissor Skills Paper Plate Christmas Wreath for Kids

A much loved fine motor activity amongst preschoolers is the use of scissors.   Practice proper scissor use with this simple cutting activity.  Your preschooler will love creating a Christmas wreath in the process.

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What you need:

Prep the activity by cutting a circle out of the center of the green paper plate so that it resembles a wreath.

Encourage your child to use the scissors to make small snips around that paper plate.  Make sure they do not cut all the way to the circle!

When your child is finished, add red sticker gems, pom poms, dot stickers, etc. for the 'berries.'

Tie the red ribbon into a bow and glue it onto the wreath.  Now your preschooler has made a simple Paper Plate Christmas Wreath to be used as a festive holiday decoration.  Such an adorable way to practice those cutting skills!

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