Make Puzzles New Again: Simple Sensory Bin for Kids

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Give new life to your child's puzzles by adding the pieces to a simple bean-filled sensory bin!  My kids love puzzles and will ususally do the same one over and over again, but adding a simple twist brings a newness to them.  This Simple Puzzle Sensory Bin Activity is wonderful because it is adaptable to a variety of puzzles and sensory bin fillers.

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Here is a simple way to learn with puzzles!

What you need:

To make our Melissa and Doug Alphabet puzzle "new again," I presented the pieces to the puzzle in a large bin of dried beans.  Truly, it doesn't get much simpler that that!

Simple Sensory Bin Activity

My 3 and 5 year old loved digging through the dried beans to grab a puzzle piece.  Grab a puzzle piece and complete the puzzle as usual!

Simple Sensory Bin using a Puzzle

More fun way to learn with puzzles!

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