FUN Skip Count by 10's Turkey Math Printable

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Recently, Little Sis's math curriculum introduced skip couting by 2's, 5's, and 10's.  To help her learn how to skip count by 10's I made up this adorable turkey math printable.

It's also a great way to sneak in some fine motor skills!  With this free turkey math printable, your child will count to 100 by skip counting by 10's.  

Little Sis loved this activity and has requested a new turkey math mat to decorate!

We have created a few fun math printables using q-tips like our math activity inspired by 10 Black Dots and Comparing Numbers math printable.  Using q-tips and paint is a great way to "get outside the box" and enjoy math in a hands-on way!  Q-tips are also a great way to strengthen fine motor skills.

Cool Math Printable for Kids

This Turkey Math Printable will have your child skip counting by 10's to 100.  We used q-tips and paint to complete our turkey, however, very small buttons, play dough, and/or sequins can also be used.

Read more about how to use this festive turkey math printable over at 123Homeschool4Me!

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