A to Z Summer Bucket List for Kids


School is out and summer is in!  Time to enjoy a summer of fun.  Enjoy this summer bucket list for kids as you spend the summer doing an activity for every letter of the alphabet! From A to Z, create fun memories with your kids as you learn and play all summer long! Grab your own A to Z bucket list summer activities at the end of the post.

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summer bucket list for kids

There is a time for everything, and summer is a time for fun, fun, and you guessed it.... more fun!  

Now having the kiddos without some sort of schedule can lead to chaos, chaos, and you guessed it... more chaos!  So to combat the boredom and squabbles that may ensue, here's a summer bucket list for kids from A to Z!


I'm all for the lazy days of summer, but I also know too many days doing the same thing over and over again gets real old, real fast.  And I  don't know about you, but having the task of filling up our days can be daunting since ''the skies the limit.''  That overwhelm brings my summer excitement to a halt and soon enough summer is over and my kiddos have spent their days playing Legos. 

Which honestly they might be completely OK with, but I'm not.  For us, summer time is when I am not at the mercy of trying to make sure all our i's are dotted and t's are crossed following our homeschool curricula.  It's finally when the mid-west can come out of hibernating all winter and spring long and get some much needed vitamin D.  And frankly, summer makes our good life... GREAT! 

I want to soak up these short summer months making memories.... and darn it, this bucket list of summer activities is going to help us have a summer of fun!

Whether you can relate to my little diatribe or no, I hope this bucket list summer inspires you to learn and play with your kiddos today!  

So, YES!  I am a firm believer the learning never stops-- even in summer.  It's just that it takes a more organic approach!  Many of these activities can also sneak in some learning!  Though the workbooks may be tucked away, there are still plenty of ways to learn as you can create themed ''book baskets'' for several of these activities. 

Planning on going fishing?  Look up some YouTube videos, grab some books about different types of fish in your area, research what they like to eat, etc! 

bucket list summer


I've created this summer bucket list for kids for you to print and hang on your refrigerator; keep it somewhere to help keep you accountable to break out of the mundane.  Grab your bucket list summer activities list at the end of the post!  There is a premade A to Z summer bucket list for kids and a fill in the blank summer bucket list.

Many letters were easy to fill out and some took a bit of creativity, but I hope it provides you and your kids a summer of fun!  In parentheses are some other activity ideas.  I think most of these activities will prove to be adventurous and memorable for your kids AND you! 

I kept the activities pretty basic so that you could customize the activities to your locality.  Think of the different places around where you live and plan accordingly.  For ''under the stars'' you may choose to visit a planetarium or pitch a tent in the backyard and star gaze.... 

Make this a summer of FUN... alphabet style, of course!

  • Arcade (aquarium, afternoon tea, watch Airplanes)
  • DIY project (drive in theater, disc golf, donuts)
  • Fishing (visit a Farm, Ferris wheel, family day)
  • Golf (garage sale, go-carts, game night)
  • Hike (hot air balloon festival, Hawaiian day)
  • Jigsaw puzzle (jam out, jump house)
  • Kite flying (kick boxing, karate) 
  • Lake day (library day, Laser tag, learn something new, lemonade stand)
  • Movie night (museum, mural hunt, mini-golf)
  • Orchard (outdoor adventure, learn origami)
  • Picnic (parade, petting zoo, pizza, planetarium)
  • Quiet day
  • Rock painting (relax, road-trip, read)
  • Smores (sand castles, swing) 
  • Under the stars (u-pick farm) 
  • Volunteer (visit family/ friends)
  • Water balloons (eat watermelon, go for a walk) 
  • Xplore a new place (xercise)
  • You pick (yes day)
  • Zoo

No matter where you live or what age your children are, I hope you enjoy this list of summer activities from A to Z.  

FEEL free to share some other fun ideas for each letter in the comments below!

summer bucket list for kids


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