4 Christopher Columbus Learning Activities


Yes, Columbus Day was a couple weeks ago, but we decided to talk about Christopher Columbus during our "Pumpkin- theme" week. 

It all started when I found the book, "What Columbus Found: It Was Orange, It Was Round," by Jane Kurtz.  It is a cute, ready-to-read book telling of how Columbus brought Europe it's very first pumpkin. 

I'll share more in another post, but here are a few things we have done to learn about Columbus:

Balloon Globe

We made a Balloon Globe to demonstrate that Columbus thought he could sail west and find the Indies, but that didn't happen because another landmass was in the way!

Christopher Columbus Learning Activity for Kids

Spice Sensory Craft

From the book, "Things to Make and Do for Columbus Day" by Gail Gibbons we spiced Christopher Columbus up, literally ; )

Great hands-on activity to help us remember Christopher Columbus and that his original intent was to find spices and gold.  

My son made the funniest faces when smelling some of the spices.  

Cinnamon was the favorite!

Christopher Columbus Learning Activity for Kids

Handprint ships: 

Santa Maria (my hand), Pinta (T's hand), and the Nina (Little Sis's hand).  T ripped the paper and cut out the flags.  

He also completed copywork.  

I took the sentences from "Draw. Write. Now. Vol.2" by Marie Hablitzel and Kim Stitzer.

Christopher Columbus Learning Activity for Kids

"If I were an explorer I would...." 

He finished the writing prompt with a picture. 
Hmm... sounds a lot like Columbus : ) 

Christopher Columbus Learning Activity for Kids

I also found a cute song about Columbus called, "Three Little Ships."  It's a catchy tune, sung to: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat:"

Sail, sail, sail 3 ships
Slowly through the sea,
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria,
Count them 1-2-3

Land, land, land they saw
After many days
Hurray, hurray for Columbus
The man who found the way!

And I've been singing it alllllllllllllll day : )

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