Five in a Row: The Glorious Flight


This week we read about the obstacles and perseverance of Papa Bleroit in achieving his dream of flying in, "The Glorious Flight," by Alice and Martin Provensen.

"The Glorious Flight" was a true story based on the life of Louis Bleriot-- the first person to fly over the English Channel.  Although the book was about flying, T wasn't as drawn to this book as I thought he would be.  Nevertheless, we spent our week learning lots of new things!

Five in a Row The Glorious Flight 

 Social Studies: 
  •  Traced Papa Bleroit's trip from France to England on our map.
  • Colored the flag of France and England.
  • Talked about family relationships.

Language Arts:
  • Narration and copywork.
  • Learned about and listed examples of Onomatopoeia (T can say it better than me!).
  • Worked on descriptive writing and not even knowing, he almost came up with a Haiku poem.
"Has wings and a tail
filies in air to {State}
going to see Yiayia
bumpy bumpy landing
plane has colors red and blue."
  • Worked on Segmenting Sounds according to their place in the word: beginning/ middle/ end (see this post for more details).
  • T's drawing of an airplane in the sky
  • Worked on Ordinal Numbers.
  • Introduced Roman Numerals (because that is how Papa Bleroit named his planes, ie. Bleroit IV).
  • Dot-to-Dot Airplane worksheets
  • Cut and Paste Transportation patterns worksheet.
  • Labeled parts of an airplane and we made a couple paper airplanes too!
  • Tried "Rising Paper Activity" in Usborne Science book, vol. 2.  
  • Made a Hot Air Balloon to demonstrate 'upthrust,'-- didn't work too well!
  • Watched a short movie of the Wright Brothers on YouTube.  Also found clips of Papa Bleroit's flight.
  • Making our list
And just for fun one day... I made T an edible airplane for snack!
T's favorite part of this week was learning to say "Onomatopoeia"!  I think we'll revisit this book again as we didn't do all the activities in the manual.

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