K4 Learning at Home: Pumpkin Week!


We started off this week learning about Christopher Columbus (see that post here) and being that Christopher Columbus brought back the first pumpkin to Europe we spent the rest of the week talking about... you guessed right, pumpkins!
Learning at Home
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Language Arts:
  • Copywork from "Draw Write Now vol. 2"
  • Sight Word Pumpkin SMASH-- big hit!  Need. More. Shaving. Cream.
  • Made real and non-sense words using the letters from the word "pumpkin."  T came up with:
pun  up  in  kim  kin  kip  mup kum nim (then he was "done!")
 This idea and several others came from Teaching Heart's Pumpkin Unit.
  • Completed Pumpkin Seed Sight Word worksheet and a Color By Word worksheet
  • Had fun reciting "Jack O Happy" poem; afterwards T was doing something and called it, "Jack O Awesome." : )
      I put numbers 0-5 in the bottom of an egg carton and placed two orange buttons inside.  T had to shake the egg carton and add the numbers the buttons landed on. 
      • Pumpkin Roll n Stamp (idea found here): I wrote several addition facts up to 6 and also wrote tally marks which T had been learning in his Math U See curriculum.
      • Counted pumpkin seeds into groups of 10 and used them to find the area; measured the circumference with yarn (this and other ideas at Hubbard's Cupboard)
      • Painted a sock pumpkin:
      Wanna know what to do with a sock that is missing its other half?  Turn it into a pumpkin!  I used one of T's socks (and I am sure I'll find the other one after this project!) and stuffed it with a couple of plastic grocery bags.  Then I had him paint it orange and the 'stem' brown.  I tied it together with a chenille rod and T used his paint dobbers to make the face. 
      "My pumpkin looks great;
      My pumpkin feels cold;
       My pumpkin smells... it doesn't have a smell;
       My pumpkin sounds not good;
       and My pumpkin tastes yummy.
      And just for fun, T completed a pumpkin maze and we played a game called 'Roll A Pumpkin'.  I also have a matching game TBP (to-be-printed) and just haven't yet.... Anyways, we had a lot of fun!  There are just SO many great pumpkin go-alongs that we may have to revisit pumpkins at Thanksgiving : )

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