Storm In The Night (FIAR)


"Storm in the Night" by Mary Stolz, is a book filled with dialogue shared between Thomas and his grandfather.  As you would gather from the title, they are in the midst of a storm and Thomas' grandfather shares a story of overcoming his fear of thunderstorms when he was a boy.  While this wasn't my favorite story, there are two lessons worth noting:
  • one's reality is based on his/her perceptions
  • giving into a spirit of fear makes us forget *the truth*  But thankful for God's word reminding us, He did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind."  Amen!
Albeit it wasn't my most favorite read, there was A LOT of ways to extend learning from this one book! 

Storm in the Night

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Learning with Storm in the Night

Social Studies:  The manual suggested we talk about fear.  I asked T if he was afraid of anything and he said, "No, I'm not afraid of anything."  So I didn't dwell on it.  No need to dwell on fear!

Storm in the Night Language Art Activities

  • The manual suggested talking about "Quotation Marks," which was perfect because it was also Halloween; I found a great go-along using the poem, Five Little Pumpkins to get my point across.
  • Copywork
  • Mixing science and language arts, T wrote out a Thunderstorm Poem using his five senses. 
  • Made an Onomatopoeia Thunderstorm Mobile and read, "If you were an Onomatopoeia" by Trisha Shaskan--  fun book!
storm in the night language arts activity

Storm in the Night Math Activities

  • Colored a worksheet found on homeschool share
  • Read "Shape Up!" by David Adler; used slices of cheese and our geo-board to make triangles and quadrilaterals. 
storm in the night math activity

Storm in the Night Art Activities

  •  Learned how to draw eyes looking different directions
Storm in the Night Art Activity
  • After reading "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle, T tore up pieces of white paper and made his own cloud shape. 

    Storm in the Night Art Activity

  • The manual suggested learning how to draw someone's profile, so I grabbed a stuffed Buzz Lightyear and had T give it a shot!  It's a lot harder than it looks!

    Storm in the Night Art Activity

Storm in the Night Science Activities

  • Five sense poem (see Language Arts) 
  • Introduced the Water Cycle; made a visual water cycle, watched some Youtube videos, and used cotton balls to talk about 'Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation.' 
Evaporation:  I floated pieces of water vapor (cotton balls) up high
Condensation:  I piled cotton balls into his hands, until....
Precipitation:  The cloud burst!  It started to rain!  And left us with one big mess to pick up : )

Storm in the Night Science Activity
  • Learned about the Cumulus, Cirrus, and Stratus clouds. 
Storm in the Night Science Activity

For fun, we made Cloud cookies!  Our first attempt DID NOT go over well....  but the second batch turned out pretty decent.  And my mom is visiting this weekend, which is also her birthday weekend, so... I have plans to make her a ThunderCake, too!  Although, knowing tomatoes are in the recipe is really throwing me through a loop?!

Storm in the Night Edible Activity

Storm in the Night Resources:

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  1. What a WONDERFUL unit on weather! So many creative activities & wonderful books! I love the cloud activity you did! SO much that I am sharing it with my readers on facebook -
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  3. WOW!! This is great. I am totally doing this with my kids. thanks for the ideas. I found you on the TGIF Linky Party.

  4. some really great ideas,

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  5. these are some amazing project. i'll have to try the cookies. I'm a new follower. I hope to see you at DIY Home Sweet Home.
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  6. cloud cookie! really! I must do that next time - never even heard of it!

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  7. Looks like a great week! :) I just love FIAR! :) Ami :)

  8. TOMATOES IN MY BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! OH MY!!!! Good thing you didn't tell us!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit it WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!! TOMATOES????!!!!! I love you!!! xoxo can tell i'm a tad behind on your blog,BUT i'm all caught up now! So,so VERY proud of you!!!!! xo mom

  9. It is a great idea!!! I dfound your blog from the weather link party and I love the work you are doing!!!

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