Homeschool with Five in a Row: Warm As Wool


Our next FIAR book study was "Warm As Wool" by....  from Volume 3.

" A woman of vision and financial wisdom faces a need, which results in a herd of sheep and warm children" (Summary from FIAR manual).

We read a lot of extra books during this row... you can check out our book basket at the bottom of this post.  Otherwise, here is what we did....

Homeschooling with Five in a Row

Social Studies:
  • Found Connecticut and Ohio on our map
  • Briefly talked about the five Great Lakes and found them on the map, too.

Language Arts:
  • /SH/ sound sort-- we had to determine if the /sh/ sound came at the beginning or the end of the word.  This was a bit tough for him and it was probably magnified by his ear infection! 
  • Copywork
  • Our own version of the Little Sheep Sight Word Game found on tpt:  I didn't want to use up ink printing everything, so I just laid out sight words we had already and hid a *pig* sticker under one of them... I couldn't find a sheep! Lol.  It worked!  It was good review.  We haven't done any new sight words lately, nor have we reviewed... and we need too : )
  • Sheep rhyme-- My son typically can match rhyming words if I say them, but he has trouble coming up with his own rhyming word. 
  • Sheep rhyme manipulative-- After having my son try to rhyme on his own, I found this to use. Do I expect too much?? 
Anyone know of a way to teach rhyme or is it something he'll pick up with repetition?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  • Farm animal graphing from Musings of Me's Farm Fun Pack-- there's actually over 100 pages of stuff!
  • Cotton ball sheep: I found a sheep pattern from somewhere and glued cotton balls on.. pretty simple!  But check out more Sheep related crafts here.
  • Greased Stained Glass: this idea came from the FIAR archives.  It was very easy to do!  We drew on some paper ( we used our paper roll from Ikea-- it's thicker than normal printer paper, but not too thick so you wouldn't be able to get the stained glass effect).  Next we smooshed veggie oil all over the paper.  Let it dry and Voila!  The oil makes the paper transparent.  Neat activity to show what Log Cabin windows were like!
  • "Built" a log cabin:  I cut up strips of brown paper and we constructed a log cabin.
 This was A LOT trickier and messier than I thought it would be; though, we did have TONS of fun soaking the pieces of yarn in the glue for me!  I blew up some water balloons and only 2 have stayed together.  I used modge podge and because it was so messy, I didn't wrap the yarn around as much as I should have...  oh well.  It was fun!
  • Frost experiment: this idea and many others came from the FIAR achives!!  I put a clean glass in the freezer.  Later, we took it out-- watched it fog up and discussed how cold the glass was and how that was what the floor felt like in the cabin!  Brrrrr!!
  • Learned about sheep-- watched a Youtube video showing sheep being sheared; T enjoyed it!
I'd love for you to follow along so you never miss out on one of our fun activities we share at School Time Snippets!
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