Balloon Advent Calendar for Kids


I think one of the greatest things about having your own family is instilling traditions that have been passed on thru a generation or two, and/or starting your own traditions.  I don't ever remember celebrating "Advent," but it is something I want to celebrate with our little family. 

So, thus began the great quest as to how and what we were going to do!  And believe me, there are sooooo many great ideas I wanted to do them all!  I saved many ideas on my Pinterest Christmas Board..... feel free to check it out! 

But after reading what several other bloggy ladies were doing with their children, I jumped on the "Truth in the Tinsel" band-wagon and am soooo excited for the next 24 days : )  I love doing crafts and I think "Truth in the Tinsel" is a great way to teach my child the reason for CHRISTmas.  If you still wondering what to do.. if anything... definitely check it out!  It truly is super easy to implement and most craft supplies needed are ones you probably already have stashed away!

And over at Mama Jenn's blog, you can find some great printables to go-along with "Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands."  She made clues and number cards for each day!  Thanks, Mama Jenn!

So after pinning different calendars, I decided to do none of them! Lol.  Instead, I bought green and red balloons and blew up 24 of them!  Yeah... sounded like a good idea before-hand!  Inside each balloon, I placed:
 *a cotton ball
 *Mama Jenn's clue for each day of our Advent journey 

(The cotton ball is to be added to a Santa Claus I printed out-- each day we will add a cotton ball to "make" his beard... Once you get to 24-- you know what that means!)

For the next 24 days we will be busy crafting and celebrating Jesus!  Can't wait!  And every now and then we'll fill you in : )

I just love this time of year!  Enjoy!!

Day 1 complete!  
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