Handmade Gifts Kids Can Make: Artwork Trivet


My son loves coloring and painting, and it gets to be quite overwheming sometime with all the artwork so we often times like to recycle artwork into gifts to give.  

Here is a great idea that Big Brother and I did for a couple Christmas presents-- trivets using my son's artwork!

gift idea using kids artwork

I picked up a couple trivets (under $1 each) at a hardware store and purchased the Polyurethane Spray at Hobby Lobby. 

At first we painted directly onto the trivet, but I didn't like it... so, I searched through T's schoolwork to find some artwork because we were running out of time before the holidays. 

I found hand prints we had made when we rowed Madeline and talked about germs!  Worked perfectly!

Trivets would make perfect gifts! Or a special keepsake for your home! 

Hand made gifts are so special and unique!

So here's what you'll need:

  • trivet(s)
  • mod podge and brush
  • art work
  • felt
  • glue gun
  • polyurethane

handmade gifts kids can make

Here's how I did it:

  • I cut Big Brother's artwork to fit the trivet and applied it with mod podge to make it stick (I didn't smooth it out very well, so the artwork showed a lot of "character").  
  • After the mod podge coat dried I took it outside and sprayed it down with Polyurethane.  
  • Once that dried completely, I used a glue gun to apply felt underneath.

For a full tutorial check out  Prudent Baby {though some people seemed to have mixed results with the trivet sticking to their pan-- we didn't; I made sure to try it out before-hand...  Then again, I did spray them pretty darn well with Polyurethane Spray!  I drowned them, actually!}

Have any artwork you could turn into a gift?

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