Matching Opposite Pairs Egg Hunt


Now, who doesn't love a good old fashioned egg hunt?  

Well, I know my son is up for any task that involves a game, so I came up with this activity to reinforce opposite pairs with an egg hunt!  It's a fun and simple way to learn with plastic Easter eggs!  Your preschooler will love this game.

learning with easter eggs

  • Easter eggs
  • opposite clip art/ pictures
  • scissors
  • tape

Gather some plastic Easter eggs and pictures of opposites, and learning becomes a game of hide n seek!

This activity was originally posted with our Sound Matching game to go-along with the book, The Quiet Way Home.  However, because they are both their own unique activities, I {finally} felt they both deserved their own separate post.... a year later : )
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Preschool Opposites Game

I wanted this to be an activity that Big Brother did on his own, so I looked through preschool and kindergarten workbooks that were stashed away to find pictures of opposites.

learning with Easter eggs

Pairs that I used were:

  • fast/slow
  • up/down
  • wet/dry
  • big/ small
  • winter/ summer
  • ...etc. etc.

Once I found several pairs, I cut then out and taped them onto the outside of plastic Easter egg halves and hid them around our playroom.

Big Brother's task was to find the eggs and then match the opposite pairs.

easter egg hunt ideas

I mixed up the colors so Big Brother would have to focus on matching the words the pictures represented, not the egg colors.  

If you had several of the same color, it would provide an element of self-correction.  

matching opposite pairs preschool game

Big Brother had trouble with some of the pictures as it wasn't clear what the word was supposed to be, but otherwise he did great job matching opposite pairs.

Next time I might write the word onto the picture, too.  This activity can be used for many other concepts, as well!! Happy Egg Hunting!

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