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B4FIAR: The Quiet Way Home: Sound Matching Game

{I've done a little blog post house keeping, so if you are looking to fine more information about our Egg Hunt for Opposites activity, check out it's new post HERE}.....

We spent a couple days reading a Before Five In a Row book titled, "The Quiet Way Home" by Bonnie Becker.  It is a sweet story describing a grandfather and his granddaughter taking "the road less traveled and delight[ing] in [the] small sounds, too good to miss" (summary from manual).  All the small sounds are those that are often lost in all the noise of children playing, busy streets, and the hustle n' bustle of life-- sounds such as the bees buzzing, a tricycle wheel creaking, a sprinkler spraying, and a man digging in his garden.
sense of hearing
Since the book dealt with sounds, we talked a little bit about the ear and I showed T a picture of what the inside of the ear looks like; then thanks to Pinterest, I found a sweet BBC excerpt about how the ear works-- very cool!

As a go-along activity, I put together a Sound Matching Activity.  I found some heart shaped boxes at the Dollar Store to use and filled them put different materials--  two hearts had the same item.  Without peaking into the hearts, T had to shake them and find the match, only by using his sense of hearing!
preschool sense of hearing
 He did really well!  He did miss one match though; but it was a tricky one.  The one he missed was when he matched a penny sound to the sound of two little bolts.  They did sound a lot alike! 

The Quiet Way Home is a book used in the Before Five in a Row guide. 

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