Harold and the Purple Crayon Activities {FIAR}


Our week of learning activities inspired by Five in A Row Curriculum's lesson plans for Harold and the Purple Crayon. Who knew you could learn so much from a little boy with a purple crayon?!

This was definitely the most imaginative and creative book that we have read thus far!  I loved seeing  Harold's imagination at work; one small idea of wanting to take a walk in the moonlight led us on quite the adventure!

Harold and the Purple Crayon Activities

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Harold and the Purple Crayon Activities

  • This lesson was the shortest one we've come across in our FIAR manual.  There isn't anything note-worthy about Language Arts to blog about, much of the lessons were over Big Brother's head.  Which reminds me that the early years are all about exposure, not mastery... well, to me anyways!  
  • I also made some math printables to practice addition and place value.  
  • We watched a clip on Netflix about how crayons were made and I found it very interesting! 
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Purple Pie for Harold and the Purple Crayon

We started our week off with making some purple food!  I've told you before and I'll tell you again that I love to incorporate food into our units... you know, just making memories for the kid ; )  We made a Blackberry Oatmeal Smoothie and a purple jello pie, in honor of Harold's pie picnic! 

Note I am no food photographer!  Wish I were though... they can make any dish look appetizing!  You cannot tell much, but our jello pie is purple.

harold and the purple crayon activity - purple pie

Harold and the Purple Crayon Social Studies Activities

  • There was not a lesson in the manual, so I took this time to review all of the places we've visited during our FIAR journey!  Big Brother remembered the location of France, Italy, Russia, and Canada but many others he had forgotten.
harold and the purple crayon activity - map review

Harold and the Purple Crayon Math Activities

  • Skip Counting

We reviewed skip counting by 2's and 5's and I introduced skip counting by 3's and 4's.  Big Brother completed Skip Counting by 2's, 3's, and 4's mazes that I made.  We also briefly talked about Multiplication... which that, and learning Cursive Writing, were some of MY favorite things learned in Third Grade!

skip counting math activity for harold and the purple crayon

Using printables from Homeschool Share we talked about 1 Whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, and 1/8.  I LOVE that they were colored purple-- perfect for Harold and the Purple Crayon!
Harold and the purple crayon fraction activity

Harold and the Purple Crayon Art Activities

Just for fun and because I have been wanting to do one of these for the past couple of months! We made this for Big Brother's room and he LOVES it!
Crayon Drip Art

  • Draw the Story

I thought this would be a neat activity to engage Big Brother more into the story; as I read it, he drew what was happening on a looooooooong sheet of paper covering the wall.  He became Harold!
Harold and the purple crayon art activity

We mixed different amounts of red and blue to make different shades of purple.  Didn't turn out that well, maybe because I dipped the paint with a q-tip.  Food coloring may have been better?!
harold and the purple crayon shades of purple art activity

 Harold and the Purple Crayon Science Activities

I found these pictures on TpT and had T sorted them by land, air, or sea.
harold and the purple crayon science activity

  • Phases of the Moon

I found a song about the phases of the moon on TpT that we watched and listened to several times; we have talked about phases before, so this was also a good review on some basic facts.  I cut out 5 phases of the moon and had T put them in order.

harold and the purple crayon moon phases activity

  • Moon Crater Experiment

I filled a pan with flour and hot cocoa mix and we dropped several marbles and bouncy balls to create craters!  We both got a bit messy! 

harold and the purple crayon moon crater activity

Next week we are reading, "If Jesus Came to My House." It is a book from B4FIAR that we never got around to last year.  Thanks for stopping bye!

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  1. So much fun all in one post! Your purple jello looks just yummy. I want to try crayon resist too. We've made some great melted crayons which I have yet to post. Visiting from Read Explore Learn.

  2. I can tell the jello is purple! You had such fun this week.

    Thank you for linking for Read.Explore.Learn.

  3. This is a fantastic post! We just started going through our books and making themes for them (some of them will be based off of B4FIAR and FIAR units). I was just looking at this book and wondering how we could expand it a little more to make it more than just the color purple. Thank you for sharing your fantastic ideas. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Visit again! And enjoy Harold!

  4. Kristina, I just wanted you to know that I think you are doing a FABULOUS job with FIAR! I'm looking forward to your B4 book next - we didn't row that one and I am hoping to pick up a few that we missed before Eliana gets too old. Have fun!

  5. I love that Moon crater experiment! My boys would have so much fun doing that. So many great ideas in this post. :)


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