Add Sensory Play Into Your Day: Texture Road Experience


My first born is a man of a few words.  I am an Introvert myself, but I am pretty sure he gets that trait from his daddy!  To work on expanding his vocabulary and on using words to describe things, we added a fun sensory activity to our day!  We created a Texture Road Sensory Experience!

It was such a creative way to learn and play together!

First, I gathered several materials that were different shapes and textures:

  • styrofoam
  • felt
  • wooden sticks
  • feathers
  • pom poms
  • dry noodles
  • shredded paper 

 Second, I glued them onto a large piece of butcher paper that we use on our easel from Ikea. 

Third, I had T walk across the texture road a few times to get a feel for it all.

And lastly, I asked him to describe how each texture looked and felt.  The felt was "orange and soft."  The wooden sticks were "long, hard, colorful."  The feathers were "soft and tickly."  So you get the idea; that's pretty much what all I got from him and then he was ready to move on!

Do you enjoy incorporating Sensory Play into your day?!

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