I Love You More Than Keepsake Kids Can Make


Have your child show the important people in his/her life how much they are loved with this sweet keepsake.  It would be perfect writing activity and handprint craft for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or someone's birthday!

Similar to MadLibs, I had my son come up with endings to "I love you more than_____."  which we then turned into a lovely keepsake for some special people in our lives!
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Valentines Day Writing Activity
To help him brainstorm a bit, I found a tree map for nouns at TpT.

Sorting Noun Activity

Handprint Keepsake Kids Can Make

To make your own I Love You More Than Keepsake, you'll need:
After our brainstorm session, I wrote I Love You More Than... several times on an 8x10 canvas.

I asked Big Brother what he loved and using his answers we filled in the blanks.  

I had my son write his answers, but if your child is not yet ready for that, just write in his/her answers yourself.  However, I love that it also showcases his handwriting skills!  

Valentines keepsake writing craft

I didn't give Big Brother much room to fill-in-the-blank, but it says:

I love you more than cars
I love you more than (chocolate chip) waffles
I love you more than candy
I love you more than anybody
I love you more than toys

After Big Brother filled in the blanks he used his hands and thumbprints to make a heart garden.  I painted his hand green and he stamped it onto the canvas.

Valentines handprint keepsake Activity

For the hearts, Big Brother dipped his thumb in red and pink paint.  Making hearts with your thumb is trickier than it seems; well, we had a hard time with it!!

gift children can make

We made this on a 8x10 canvas, but this could also be adapted to a card or piece of construction paper.

Handprint Art and Keepsake craft

I am going to take a wild guess and say that I think a special pair of grandparents are going to love their keepsake!