Rhyming Word Puzzles Literacy Activity


Reinforce rhyming words with this fun, hands-on matching activity; it is the perfect Valentine's Day literacy activity.

Rhyming heart puzzles


Valentine's Day Literacy Activity

I found pictures of rhyming words here and glued each pair onto a heart. 

After I laminated them, I cut them into two pieces-- making a broken heart.

Rhyming Puzzles

During this activity I may have broken into my own version of Achy Breaky Heart; my son wasn't impressed!

In between my jam sessions, I helped my son match the broken heart puzzles.

Thankfully, the hearts are not broken anymore!

My son did a great job pairing the rhyming words.

{To make the cards self correcting, just add the same sticker the back of each rhyming pair!}

Rhyming literacy puzzles

What are you up to this week?  I hope it is filled with LOTS of love and heart themed activities!