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A Delicious Way to Read: Eat Your Sight Words Activity

Yes, you read that right!  Eat your sight words....literally!!!

When I told Big Brother that we were going to use these cute Alphabet cookies for "school stuff," he was game!!

I've passed by these Alpha cookies many times before, but I am not one to just buy cookies-- I'd rather make them.

But for some reason I just couldn't pass them bye one more time; I told myself they were educational, so why not?! ; )

Well, I've munched on a couple myself, and they are quite delicious! 

fun sight words activity
I bought them at our local Jewel Osco-- which is known as Albertsons in other states. Or you could buy these Trader Joe's Schoolbook Cookies, which look similar.

Fun Sight Words Reading Game

Carissa over at 1+1+1+=1 posted You Can Read Unit # 18 recently and I decided it was time for Big Bother to learn another group of sight words.

He has done several You Can Read units before and has always enjoyed them; unit 18's words are: new, was, under, be.

After he completed a couple pages from her unit I snuck in the kitchen to prep an activity with the alphabet cookies.

I pulled out letters for each of the sight words, plus 5 extra cookies that spelled another word he knew.

When I brought the activity to Big Brother was ecstatic!

The "rules" were simple.

He had to use the cookies to spell his four new sight words then tell me what each word was in order to eat the cookies.

The extra word was "can," and he had guessed it right just by looking at the letters that were left!

I was impressed!

He very much enjoyed eating his sight words!

You could also change this up to teach your child's name or ABC's!

fun sight words activity for kids

I am always looking up or thinking up ways to make our "school time" fun, especially word work activities!

Here are a couple other things we have done do make it fun:
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What word work activities do you do with your child?