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Fabric Scraps Butterfly

 A few weeks ago the "craft bug" bit me!  Once I get bit by the craft bug, I cannot simply ignore it.  I'll try to push the idea aside since my days are filled with other things to do, but it becomes like a cloud over my head that just will not go away until I set my hands to work! 

I think it all began when I was hanging up clothes and getting annoyed trying to untangle all those white wire hangers my husband gets from the dry cleaners.  Somehow a connection was made.... wire hanger= butterfly!  Have you ever had one of those moments?   

Well, I took two hangers and played around with them until I made a decent looking butterfly; then it sat for two weeks staring me down every time I walked by it!  I thought I could maybe recreate the nylon ones I used to have so long ago, but after a week of "not getting around to it" the idea no longer appealed to me.  But I had to do something with this kinda sorta lookin' wire butterfly!
Alas, another idea came to me!  My mom had made my daughter this beautiful rug using strips of fabric and had tons of it left over.... fabric strips = butterfly! 

I cut the long strips of fabric into 8ish inch pieces and knotted them around my wire.  I probably cut another 2 inches off once I tied them on, but they are easier to tie when longer.  Not sure how many strips I used, but I was a woman on a mission and completed tying the fabric on in about an hour!  I didn't create any sort of color pattern, I just tied them on and added different strips as needed. 
Just a glimpse of my strips of fabric-- not sure how much I used... but it was a lot!
One wing is finished!
And a beautiful butterfly emerges!  Who knew?!
I may cut the fabric a little shorter... What do you think?
Update:  I have since cut the fabric strips shorter, and it looks super cute!!