Fun Sight Word Game for Kids: SWAT IT!


sight words reading game

Need another fun way to practice sight words?!

I have one for you!

It is a fun game I've called, "Swat that Sight Word"

Fun Reading Game for Kids


  • fly swatter
  • plastic bugs-- although, not necessary
  • sight word cards

I laid out several sight words around our play/school room and put a bug on each one.  You can play without the bugs, but they provide a helpful clue if your child does not know a word.  If they are stuck on a word, you can have them look for the bug instead!
sight words reading game

Next I called out the sight words and T had to find it and "Swat the Word."

Simple and fun!  A great way to burn off some energy and learn at the same time!

sight words reading game

sight words reading game

We took turns being the swatter, so he also called out the words to me.

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