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Experience the Lifecycle of a Butterfly with Insect Lore's Butterfly Garden

By far one of the coolest things I've done with Big Brother (and there have been many) has been growing butterflies with our Insect Lore Butterfly Garden!  To see the process from beginning to end, and then releasing them was such a memorable experience.  So much so that I wanted to blog about it!

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We loved checking out our caterpillars everyday to see if something happened overnight!  The butterflies emerged from the chrysalises one morning when our backs were turned; it happened in an instant, so unfortunately we didn't get to see that part! 

One of our caterpillars didn't make it, but we were able to see four caterpillars transition from chrysalises to beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies.  These are pictures from our experience last summer, and I am seriously considering doing it again.
Lifecycle of butterfly

When you send in your card for your caterpillars, this is what you get!
Looks gross, doesn't it?!

Lifecycle of butterfly

Don't move the jar!  The chrysalises are very sensitive to movement.

Lifecycle of butterfly

One butterfly emerged during the night-- the others (which are pinned to the left side of the habitat) came a day or two later.

Lifecycle of butterfly

 New friends : )
Lifecycle of butterfly

Lifecycle of butterfly

Spread your wings, butterfly!
Lifecycle of butterfly

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of us releasing them.  I do remember that I ended up un-zipping the pop-up habitat because T was a little nervous!  We let them go near a flowered shrub thinking they'd explore for a bit, but they didn't!  As soon as I unzipped it, they were gone.

Have you ever grown a butterfly garden before?  If not, I highly recommend it.  It was a great experience. We loved every minute of it!  I am thankful I took all these pictures and started blogging so we could re-live one of our favorite memories and share it with you!

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