Summer Bucket List Idea: Tie-Dye T-shirt


A summer MUST-Do activity in my book, is to Tie Dye something.

For us that meant making my son his very own Tie Dye Tshirt for the 4th of July!

4th of july tie dye tshirt

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I thought it would be fun to tie-dye a shirt this year.  I picked up a white sleeveless shirt at Walmart for $3-4 and a few days later we picked up some S.E.I brand tie dye spray.

Though it's still a few weeks out, Big Brother was SO excited about doing it that we've already made it.  He's worn his shirt several days in a row (and would keep doing so if I hadn't buried it in the dirty laundry!).

We also made a pillow case that turned out really cool, too.

4th of July Tshirt Craft 

Be prepared... tie-dye= big ol' MESS!  It was a lot of fun though!  I didn't buy gloves, so our hands were nice and colorful, too! 

Be sure to wash your tshirts in cold water before tie-dying!  Then, follow the directions on the package and have fun!

summer tie dye tshirt activity

The shirt is on the right side and the yellow, blue, and red tie dye is a pillowcase!  That turned out super cool, too!

summer tie dye tshirt activity

What is a Summer MUST DO activity for you??

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