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Boredom Buster Idea for Kids: Play Dough Monsters

We recently checked out several books authored by Mo Willems and decided to do an activity based on the book, "Leonardo the Terrible Monster."  The book reminded me of the storyline of Monsters, Inc. in several ways; Leonardo was a monster who just couldn't scare anyone no matter how hard he tried.  One day he found the most "scaredy-cat" kid in the world and thought that he had made him cry, but to his dismay that wasn't the case.  Leonardo then made a decision to become a good friend, not a terrible monster.

 After reading the book, I pulled out the play dough and we made Play dough Monsters!  


  • Play Dough
  • Various Manipulatives such as: feathers, beans, googly eyes, sequins, pipe cleaners, etc!

And yes, I made a couple too!  How could I resist when my sweetie asks, "Mommy, will you make one, too?"

fun play dough idea

Bring out the Playdough and various manipulatives to complete your monster(s).  
I set out googly eyes, feathers, dried beans, and pipe cleaners.

Simply mold your play dough to create a body and then add feathers, eyes, beans and more to create a monster!

Play dough monsters are the solution when you are in need of a simple, yet fun boredom buster.  The activity is also strengthening those fine motor skills!

Our first creation with a pig's tail-- isn't he scary?!
fun play dough idea

 My scary creation!
fun play dough idea

 T's brother and sister monsters!
fun play dough idea

 Our Monsters on parade!
fun play dough idea

Scary, huh?!

I have a love/hate relationship with play dough, but I have got to say that I loved this activity!

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