Read to Me: My 16mo. Old's Favorite Reads


It's interesting how different your own children can be from one another.  It has been fun and exhausting watching and learning how to deal with each one's behaviors.  For instance, when my son was younger, I could read him any story and he would just sit and be as happy as could be; he wasn't "picky" about stories read to him until he was about three when all he wanted was stories about Thomas the Tank Engine!  Thankfully, that period has passed! 

On the other hand, my 16 month old daughter is very picky about what is read to her.  If she isn't interested, she squirms, wiggles, and eventually closes the book!  However, if it captivates her attention, she is all for being read to!  Here are a couple of her recent favorites:

Who Ate All the Cookie Dough?

Run, Mouse, Run!

Peek-A-Book What?

Where is Baby's Belly Button?

Baby Einstein Alphabooks

I hope your teeny tot enjoys some of these, too!
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