Chocolate Banana Bites


We've made frozen chocolate banana treats before, but Big Brother wasn't very interested.

However, I thought we'd try them again and guess what?!  He loved them! Perhaps the sprinkles enticed him a bit more ; )  Here is a simple yet yummy treat for the kiddos.... or you!  

All you need is a banana, chocolate, and sprinkles!

Big Brother helped slice the banana and then we placed the plate in the freezer for a while; I am not sure how long, but soon enough I heard him calling, "Okay, they are ready.  Let's go!"  

Next I melted a handful (or more) of chocolate chips in the microwave.  I dipped the slices into the chocolate and you can guess by the picture below who was in charge of the sprinkles : )  It wasn't me!  You have to work fast though and put the sprinkles on right away.  The chocolate hardens fast!  
Finally, eat away!  They were literally gone in 5 minutes!  
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