Kindergarten Curriculum Choices for my 5 Year Old


Choices, choices!   I knew I wanted to do Five In a Row again this year, but then started browsing this and that curriculum and my head is still spinning!  Actually, I was looking for things to use next year when T would be in 1st Grade-- still don't have a narrowed down list, but we'll save that for LATER ; )

Homeschool Kindergarten Choices

five in a row homeschool curriculum

FIAR Volumes 1, 2, and 3-- Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Art
I have another 36 weeks of unit studies from FIAR planned out.  Well, I actually have about 16 weeks roughly planned out... because come December I am taking a good couple weeks off, if not the month, because we are expecting Baby #3!!!!  It is also my plan to *remember* to keep it simple!  I know last year I burned myself out searching endlessly for MORE ideas; I just desired to make it "fun" for Tyler that in all my excess planning, I realized it was no fun for me anymore.  Or rather, T didn't get excited about all my "plans;" he enjoyed all the "unplanned" learning!

(If you are a fellow rower-- leave a comment below with your blog address so I can stop bye!  I love to "see" what others are doing!!)

Math U See Alpha
We'll be doing Alpha 3-4x's a week.

Life of Fred: Cats
I am still baffled by how much he LOVES Fred!  I haven't purchased it yet, but this would be the next book for us to read.  Geez, should've bought a set!!

McRuffy K Science
FIAR does contain Science topics, but I wanted something that takes little work from me and is fun... and this seemed to have good reviews; 2x's/ week

Lollipop Logic
Just something extra

First Language Lessons for Little Ones
It is suggested for 1st Graders as it begins to teach Parts of Speech, etc... but, I think we'll give it a try since it consists of simple and short lessons; Daily

Explode the Code, Book 2
Thas finished Book 1 and 1 1/2 and is doing really well; this certainly isn't his favorite thing to do, but it helps him with writing and reading so we'll keep doing it; 3x's/ week  

All About Spelling
I purchased this last year, looking to use it more for phonics (which I think helped tremendously!); then we stopped after learning the short vowels and consonant teams so we could focus on T applying what he had learned thus far.

Early Readers
So proud!  T is learning to read and is doing great!  We are currently using a mix of Bob Books, All about Reading's "Run, Bug, Run" short reader, and whatever books I come across at the library.  He can read simple CVC and CVCC words-- not fluently; he's still sounding them out, but he's progressed so much!

God's Wisdom for Little Boys: Character Building Fun from Proverbs
Has anyone used this before?  It has great reviews on and is for boys 4+; I'd like to use this for character building and copywork.

Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans
To be used as a gentle approach to in-depth History when the time comes; the book consists of 52 short stories about explorers, scientists, war heroes, writers, etc.  

Yes, my plan is to incorporate everything listed above into our school week.  Come back in a few weeks and ask me how it's all going with a 16 month old running around ; )

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