Super Cute & Easy Back to School Picture Idea


It's student picture week at the "Not" Back to School Blog Hop!  We've shared our curriculum choices, school room, and now here is one of the sweetest and cutest students in the world ; )  
Not Back to School Blog Hop

My oldest is starting Kindergarten {aww!} and our homeschool journey is officially beginning!

To capture this milestone I set up a super quick and easy Back to School photo op in our backyard.  Thankfully Big Brother loves being in front of the camera because I couldn't stop telling him to do this and that!   He's just got the cutest smile : ) 

This year's Back to School picture idea requires chalk and a sidewalk!  That's it!

I simply wrote out his grade in chalk and had him pose by the word.

And it turned out so stinkin' adorable!!

These photos of Big Brother just make me smile!  I love these sweet momentos for two reasons: 

1.  He is so photogenic!  For the brick wall picture below, I was actually trying to take a picture of him and Little Sis-- but she walked away {little stinker!} When I turned back to Big Brother, he was standing like this!  Too cute.  

And, 2. Big Brother is at the stage of grabbing whatever shirt and shorts/pants out of his drawers, whether they match or not-- as you can see in the picture ; )

Using the brick wall picture I mentioned above, I used it to create a Back to School Interview.  I uploaded the picture to PicMonkey {super easy to use} and then just added text of interview questions and answers.

When I asked Big Brother what he wanted to be when he grew up, he gave me this weird look... like "Huh?!"  So here is how we came to his answer:

Me: When you are big like daddy, what do you want to do?
T: Work
Me: Where?  
T: In a white building
Me: Ok. Doing what?
T: pretends to type on a computer
Me: [chuckling] Who does that?
T: Daddy
Me: Oh, so you want to be like daddy?
T: Yes.

Happy New School Year!

To see what we did the 2013-2014 School Year, click here....  We stayed with the chalk theme, but wrote it up a bit differently.  I repurposed an plastic frame into a mini chalkboard and added foam alphabet stickers around it.  Check it out!